Lifelock Added To Portfolio

The newest stock to be added to the Shooting Stars Portfolio is Lifelock (Lock). Similar to Taser in non-lethal defense, Lifelock is a leader in a growing industry based on a developing trend that could have strong legs for many years to come. ID Theft is not going anywhere and the company is continuing to grow despite a rather unimpressive stock price for 2014 so far. Look for this stock to pick up more steam as the company ramps up more growth. At a current price of $16.42, LOCK is trading in the middle of its 52 Week range. The valuation is decent for a technology stock with a bright future at 36. The PEG Ratio (Price to Earnings Growth) is even better at 1.09. The lower that number the better.

Price “Bought”

500 shares of LOCK at $16.42

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