Shooting Star Portfolio Update

The Shooting Star Portfolio continues to do well in 2017. In fact, this will be the main portfolio that Stock Universe will focus on going forward.

Current Portfolio:

Netflix (NFLX) Avago (AVGO) Taser (TASR) Gilead Sciences (GILD) Skyworks (SWKS) NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)



Next Buys:


The Fourth Stellar Seven Stock


The fourth stock chosen has taken some time, but it was definitely worth the wait with Kraft-Heinz (KHC). The Stellar Seven portfolio buys this stock at $85.69. Kraft Heinz is not only a very strong company with more well known world-wide food brands than any other company, KHC is also a great dividend stock with […]

The Third Stellar Seven Stock

Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) joins the Stellar Seven Portfolio on the strength of both excellent brands and strong dividends. In fact, JNJ is one of the best dividend paying companies in the entire world and have been for 53 straight years. Of course, this is not a stock to trade but to invest in. […]

The Second Stellar Seven Stock

Once again, brand names drive the addition of a Stellar Seven Stock. This time, Campbell’s Soup (CPB) is the stock. Also the same is strength during a down market. In fact, CPB is raising guidance for the fiscal year. That is very impressive in a bear market and should not be ignored. This will […]

The First Stellar Seven Stock


The stock added to the Stellar Seven Portfolio is WD- 40 (WDFC). Not only is this one of the best brands in the world, WD directly benefits from the lower crude prices since they do use petroleum in their products. The stock is also at a 52 week high as the company continues to […]

The Stellar Seven Portfolio

In Search of the Stellar Seven

Used to have this format for a portfolio on my very first stock site ages ago called GARP Investor. Still have the domain, but the site itself has not been active for many years. Thankfully, around 2000 I saved a copy of it and my own work at […]

Shooting Star Portfolio January 2016

For stocks, 2016 has started off like an automated riding lawnmower through a bunch of weeds. It just cuts through no matter if good flowers are amongst the weeds or not. The Shooting Star Portfolio has certainly been trimmed pricewise as a few of the components are basically ruined for the foreseeable future post mowing. […]

Game Industry Stocks Continue to Rise Higher

After running for over 12 years, I have seen many popular gaming trends come and go. For example, I was able to register for just $8 because it never been registered before. Before that, I wrote a large stock series on game companies for Telescan/ Come companies also tend to come and go. […]

Shooting Star Portfolio Winners and Sells


Although the portfolio has a few laggards like Twitter and Microsoft, The winners are continuing to expand. Netflix is the biggest winner so far on a dollar per share basis. It is now up a few hundred dollars per share and thinking about offering a stock split again. Other big winners include GoPro, Skyworks, […]

Shooting Stars Portfolio 2015

The Shooting Star Portfolio on continues to have its share of winners and losers through the first couple of months of 2015. However, the winners have been big such as can be seen below.

BABA ($87.97) = $82.97

NFLX ($357.09) = $435.06

TWTR ($48.77) = $45.84

AVGO ($77.15) = $125.12

MSFT ($43.63) = $42.03


Skyworks Stock Report

Skyworks (SWKS) has been on quite a run lately. It just hit a 52 week high of $82.78 before closing at $80.86. That is the price that StockUniverse “bought” a 100 shares for the Shooting Stars Portfolio. Skyworks hit a 52 week high today because it destroyed earnings estimates on Thursday. Earnings for the quarter […]

Biotech Stock Breakout Portfolio

This will be the second model portfolio for and will be handled much different than the first. Whereas the Shooting Star Portfolio focused on industry leaders in various forms of technology, this portfolio will start as a watchlist for many biotech stocks. The stocks on the list that breakout will be added to the […]