Stock Universe Tournament: The First Participant


Ok, going to start with the first stock that will participate in the tournament. Each subsequent post will then contain a participant until all eight are officially chosen.

Stock Universe Stock Tournament Participants:

1. Nvidia (NVDA) – As can be seen in the chart above, NVDA has been going steadily up since late June. I was able to buy it for a portfolio right after Brexit hit the stock market. NVDA is currently not far from a new 52 week high at its current price of $93.36. The stock is fairly priced here, but it could continue with recent momentum.

This is one of those stocks of companies that I encounter quite often. Since I run, I encounter most of the newest games in the PC market. These newer games have a high demand on the latest and greatest in graphics. The main provider of those hot graphics are graphics cards and Nvidia is the current king of graphics cards. No other graphic card maker really comes close. AMD is a rival, but it is not near as prominent as Nvidia. Plus, Nvidia does not have all the baggage that AMD has. NVDA shines as a pure play leader in a very important market. Graphics will continue to push the envelope whether they are on PCs or other devices.

Here is a real world of example of the importance of graphics in new PC games, I bought an Alienware computer back in 2009 for $3000. Now I am at the point that I have to pass on new blockbuster hits like Planet Coaster and Overwatch, because those games require DirectX11 and my current graphics card will not support that. Driver updates do not help either. The graphics card will simply not support Directx11. That means I need another card to play those games or I need a new PC. Want to keep my huge $3000 PC so I will probably get the latest Nvidia card that works on it. With its sound fundamentals, good growth possibilities, and soaring stock price, Nvidia enters the stock Universe Tournament.

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