Shooting Star Portfolio January 2016

For stocks, 2016 has started off like an automated riding lawnmower through a bunch of weeds. It just cuts through no matter if good flowers are amongst the weeds or not. The Shooting Star Portfolio has certainly been trimmed pricewise as a few of the components are basically ruined for the foreseeable future post mowing. Twitter and GoPro have both fallen to scary levels. A few others like Skyworks and NXPI have also received hefty trims after rising high for most of the past year. Taser has also fallen quite a bit, but is still above where it was purchased for the portfolio.

I like Brian Sullivan’s analogy on CNBC today that this is a Colonel Kurtz market. Basically, I believe the meaning is that people are just selling everything they can and getting out in this new year. That is a very extreme and scary viewpoint, but does not seem to miss the mark as much as it should. In fact, it could be spot on if the selling pace of today and recently continues.

January 13,2016 Portfolio Prices

Netflix (NFLX) – $106.56

Twitter (TWTR) – $18.68

Avago (AVGO) – $123.31

Taser (TASR) – $15.41

Gilead Sciences (GILD) – $92.54

Skyworks (SWKS) – $62.16

Gopro (GPRO) – $14.61

NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) – $74.25

Although a few stocks should have been sold long before this point and a couple are no longer growth stories going forward, none would be sold yet. Gopro and Twitter are the top candidates to be sold on any type of strength. Taser will be kept because still believe in it for the long haul.

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