Shooting Star Portfolio Update

The Shooting Star Portfolio continues to do well in 2017. In fact, this will be the main portfolio that Stock Universe will focus on going forward.

Current Portfolio:

Netflix (NFLX) Avago (AVGO) Taser (TASR) Gilead Sciences (GILD) Skyworks (SWKS) NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)



Next Buys:


Stock Universe Tournament: The First Participant

Ok, going to start with the first stock that will participate in the tournament. Each subsequent post will then contain a participant until all eight are officially chosen.

Stock Universe Stock Tournament Participants:

1. Nvidia (NVDA) – As can be seen in the chart above, NVDA has been going steadily up since late June. […]

Stock Universe Tournament


Going to try something I have not done for stocks in over 15 years. When I first started writing for, I started to write series of articles on certain industries. The first were game stocks and I started contacting the different game companies. This was before I started a game site of my […]

Shooting Star Portfolio January 2016

For stocks, 2016 has started off like an automated riding lawnmower through a bunch of weeds. It just cuts through no matter if good flowers are amongst the weeds or not. The Shooting Star Portfolio has certainly been trimmed pricewise as a few of the components are basically ruined for the foreseeable future post mowing. […]

Cyber Security Stock Roundup

As cyber crimes have become the most expensive crime in the world, the need for cyber security has never been stronger. Here are a list of the main cyber security stocks and little information about each one. Keep in mind that these are pure security plays :

Qualsys (QLYS) = Provides cloud security. The stock […]

Ambarella Added to Shooting Stars

Ambarella has been added to our Stock Universe portfolio known as Shooting Stars. Ambarella is definitely a shooting star as it has beat Wall Street expectations for 9 straight quarters. It gets better as this latest is the best earnings beat so far at a whopping 14 cents a share. With a current PEG ration […]

Tech Stocks From the Past

Although I have not been around stocks much for the last 12 years or so, I was a very active investor in small technology stocks before, during, and after (for a while) the Internet Bubble burst. Returning to my stock roots this year has been very eye opening. I still recognize many of the stocks […]

Lifelock Added To Portfolio

The newest stock to be added to the Shooting Stars Portfolio is Lifelock (Lock). Similar to Taser in non-lethal defense, Lifelock is a leader in a growing industry based on a developing trend that could have strong legs for many years to come. ID Theft is not going anywhere and the company is continuing to […]

Stock Apps

As with every other industry, there are now a plethora of stock-related apps ready to be downloaded from an android device or an iPhone/iPad. Which ones are the best? Well, it depends on exactly what you need. These apps can do a variety of things for investors with mobile devices. THe programs listed below can […]