The Stellar Seven Portfolio

In Search of the Stellar Seven

Used to have this format for a portfolio on my very first stock site ages ago called GARP Investor. Still have the domain, but the site itself has not been active for many years. Thankfully, around 2000 I saved a copy of it and my own work at (which is also loooong gone). Many of the companies are gone from that time (especially tech) and technologies have definitely had time to evolve.

That said, think it is time to bring this particular portfolio back. These stocks will be from various industries instead of tied to technology like the Shooting Stars Portfolio. Also buying in a nasty bear market that has fed on many weaker stocks across nearly all industries. Some of these stocks will also have dividends for safety. Some were even bought by me around the year 2000. Surviving over 16 years says a lot about a company, especially in the current environment. Stay tuned because the first stock will be selected tomorrow.

Stellar Seven Portfolio

100 Shares of WDFC at $105.73

100 Shares of CPB at $60.90

100 Shares of JNJ at $104.24

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