Stock Universe Portfolio

Despite the very volatile nature of the stock market these days and the dreaded month of October for stocks, it is time to create the model portfolio for Stock Universe. Without a doubt, growth will be the biggest factor for being added to the portfolio. Valuations will also be a factor, but not at the expense of growth or potential for growth. Other factors will include industry leadership and overall industry outlook. Risk will be high overall, but the potential rewards could also be very high. To keep things simple, starting with $100,000 and will keep track of exact dates of when the stocks were bought and sold. Since this is virtual money (not real) for the model portfolio, commissions do not apply and will not be included.

Stock Universe’s Shooting Stars Portfolio

Netflix (NFLX) – 50 shares at $357.09

Twitter (TWTR) – 100 shares at $48.77

Avago (AVGO) – 100 shares at at $77.15

Taser (TASR) – 200 shares at $15.05

Gilead Sciences (GILD) – 75 shares at $102.21

Skyworks (SWKS) – 100 shares at 80.86

Gopro (GPRO) – 200 Shares at $38.73

NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) – 100 shares at $97.55

Cash – $33,326.75

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