Stock Reviews by Stock Universe

Going to try something somewhat new here. Going to start reviewing stocks based on 10 fundamental and technical criteria that involve both the stock and the company. Each value will get a score of 1 to 10 and will carry a maximum of 100 points. The score for each category will be shone. Here are the criteria that will be used:

Industry: The type of industry is extremely important as some industries will go through growth spurts while some will be on the way down or in a tough period.

Industry Leadership: Industry leaders are usually the best to buy in most industries, especially if they are the undisputed best in the industry.

Assets (Debt/cash): Companies rich in cash and no debt carry less risk than those companies with huge amounts of debt.

Margins: This is key to profitability. The higher the gross and net margins the better.

Return On Equity: Basically net income minus preferred dividends and divided by common equity.

Earnings Growth: The growth of the bottom line.

Sales Growth: The growth of the top line.

Valuation: Will use a few few different ratios such as the P/E Ratio, the Price to Sales( P/S) Ratio, and the Price/Earnings to Growth (PEG) ratio. 

Technical Health: Charts will be used to determine overall price momentum.

Recent News: News will be checked to make sure nothing has been announced that could affect the company or the stock.    

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