Stock Apps

As with every other industry, there are now a plethora of stock-related apps ready to be downloaded from an android device or an iPhone/iPad. Which ones are the best? Well, it depends on exactly what you need. These apps can do a variety of things for investors with mobile devices. THe programs listed below can all be used on an iPod/iPhone.

1. Stock Guru – helps you choose stocks based upon risk, valuation, financial strength, and momentum. Each stock gives you a guru rating, valuation rating,  momentum rating, stock screening,  financial strength, and much more. This is a pay app.

2. Stock Ticker-Picker – Provide stock charts, quotes, and technical analysis. Another pay app, but cheaper than the first one.

3. Stock Touch – Has one of the best interfaces of any of the stock apps. Is a free app.

4. Stock Twits – Very close to a stock version of Twitter. Also free.

5.  Market Scan – Technical Analysis with many tools. One of the most expensive apps mentioned here.

6. Stock Board Free – Arrange all of your market data in one place for free.

7. Stock Signal – Technical trading model that is free.

8. Stock Trader’s Almanac – A very good stock book for $32.99.

9.  CNBC Business News and Finance – Great mobile app for business info.

10. Tablet Trader – Provides access to options, stocks, forex, and futures.

Please let us know which app or apps you like the best.

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