Shooting Stars Portfolio Update

The Shooting Star Portfolio on has gotten off to a great start. It appears to have been a great time to buy as a few of the stocks purchased are already up considerably.  Twitter appears to be the stock with the most downside right now. Taser has been the biggest surprise to the upside so far as it nears new high territory for the year. Here the stock values of the portfolio so far:

BABA ($87.97) = $106.13

NFLX ($357.09) = $382.78

TWTR ($48.77) = $40.84

AVGO ($77.15) = $85.36

MSFT ($43.63) = $47.51

TASR ($15.05) = $18.49

Currently eyeing more stocks to add to the portfolio soon. A few of the bigger possible candidates are Apple, Clorox (Yes, Clorox), and Yahoo. All three have been moving up as of late so may just keep watching those until a buying opportunity opens up. Also look for each Shooting Star Stock in the portfolio to be profiled at least once.

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