Shooting Stars Portfolio 2015

The Shooting Star Portfolio on continues to have its share of winners and losers through the first couple of months of 2015. However, the winners have been big such as can be seen below.

BABA ($87.97) = $82.97

NFLX ($357.09) = $435.06

TWTR ($48.77) = $45.84

AVGO ($77.15) = $125.12

MSFT ($43.63) = $42.03

TASR ($15.05) = $21.84

LOCK ( $16.42) = $13.21

GILD ($102.21) = $98.83

SWKS ($80.86) = $91.20

AMBA ($54.69 ) = $66.66

Summary of Performance Thus Far:

Out of the 10 stocks that were in the portfolio, ups and downs were at five each. The losses were not that much in dollars or percentage terms, but a few of the gains like NFLX, AVGO, and TASR sported tremendous upsideĀ  and have been even higher until recently. SWKS and AMBA were later additions but have provided a lot of excitement to the portfolio. BABA was up well over 110 since falling hard recently and giving up all of its gains and then some. In fact, Baba along with LOCK could be the first stocks that are sold from the portfolio. Rounding out the list, MSFT, TWTR, and GILD are acting a little tired price wise.

New Additions:

The Dow Jones may have fell 333 points today, but still seeing some leaders amongst some of the damage.

QCOM – 100 shares at $71.89

GPRO – 200 Shares at $38.73

NXPI – 100 shares at $97.55

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