Shooting Star Portfolio Winners and Sells


Although the portfolio has a few laggards like Twitter and Microsoft, The winners are continuing to expand. Netflix is the biggest winner so far on a dollar per share basis. It is now up a few hundred dollars per share and thinking about offering a stock split again. Other big winners include GoPro, Skyworks, […]

Shooting Stars Portfolio 2015

The Shooting Star Portfolio on continues to have its share of winners and losers through the first couple of months of 2015. However, the winners have been big such as can be seen below.

BABA ($87.97) = $82.97

NFLX ($357.09) = $435.06

TWTR ($48.77) = $45.84

AVGO ($77.15) = $125.12

MSFT ($43.63) = $42.03


Skyworks Stock Report

Skyworks (SWKS) has been on quite a run lately. It just hit a 52 week high of $82.78 before closing at $80.86. That is the price that StockUniverse “bought” a 100 shares for the Shooting Stars Portfolio. Skyworks hit a 52 week high today because it destroyed earnings estimates on Thursday. Earnings for the quarter […]

Biotech Stock Breakout Portfolio

This will be the second model portfolio for and will be handled much different than the first. Whereas the Shooting Star Portfolio focused on industry leaders in various forms of technology, this portfolio will start as a watchlist for many biotech stocks. The stocks on the list that breakout will be added to the […]

GILD Portfolio Add & Stock Report

Gilead Sciences (GILD) is a leading biotech company with a great product pipeline and impressive free cash flow. Like Avago, Gilead is very nimble for its market cap of $154.02 billion. GILD has a price to earnings (P/E) ratio of only 18 and price to earnings growth ratio of just .49. This ratio means that […]

Avago AVGO Stock Report

Avago (AVGO) is a component of the Shooting Star Portfolio here at So far, it is one of the better components of the portfolio with a current price of $100 per share. It was bought at $77.15 back in early November and has been on the right of that price most of the time […]

Ambarella Added to Shooting Stars

Ambarella has been added to our Stock Universe portfolio known as Shooting Stars. Ambarella is definitely a shooting star as it has beat Wall Street expectations for 9 straight quarters. It gets better as this latest is the best earnings beat so far at a whopping 14 cents a share. With a current PEG ration […]

Lifelock Added To Portfolio

The newest stock to be added to the Shooting Stars Portfolio is Lifelock (Lock). Similar to Taser in non-lethal defense, Lifelock is a leader in a growing industry based on a developing trend that could have strong legs for many years to come. ID Theft is not going anywhere and the company is continuing to […]

Taser International: The Best Way to Make Money Off Personal Defense

Taser International (TASR) is the leading developer, manufacturer, and seller of conducted electrical weapons. These weapons are used in the military, law enforcement, and for consumers as personal self-defense. Law Enforcement, in particular, has been one of the main avenues of growth recently as several law enforcement agencies have made significant orders including the Louisiana […]

Shooting Stars Portfolio Update

The Shooting Star Portfolio on has gotten off to a great start. It appears to have been a great time to buy as a few of the stocks purchased are already up considerably. Twitter appears to be the stock with the most downside right now. Taser has been the biggest surprise to the upside […]

Stock Universe Portfolio

Despite the very volatile nature of the stock market these days and the dreaded month of October for stocks, it is time to create the model portfolio for Stock Universe. Without a doubt, growth will be the biggest factor for being added to the portfolio. Valuations will also be a factor, but not at the […]