Avago AVGO Stock Report

Avago (AVGO) is a component of the Shooting Star Portfolio here at StockUniverse.com. So far, it is one of the better components of the portfolio with a current price of $100 per share. It was bought at $77.15 back in early November and has been on the right of that price most of the time since. As can be seen by the chart below, AVGO has a rapidly growing stock price.  In fact, the stock is not far from a 52 week high of $105 per share.

Avago makes semiconductors that are used in such products as cellphones, consumer appliances, enterprise storage, data networking, smart phones, and many more. The company is definitely in the right areas as sales have been skyrocketing for this large cap company. Last quarter, its sales jumped a whopping 115% from the same period the year before to $1.89 Billion. That is quite a feat for a company with a market cap close to $25 Billion.


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